No. 1 Waterproof Bag From Japan


Splash Defender Series

Splash Defender Series are casual waterproof bags made with tarpaulin fabric, which have been carefully designed not to lose other general functions and convenience as bags and can be comfortably used not only in outdoor scenes but also in daily life.

Amphibian Series

Amphibian Series are premium waterproof products made with neoprene, breathable waterproof fabric, and YKK’s waterproof zipper, Aquaseal, with the high level craftsmanship for dry and wet suits.

LandBridge Series

LandBridge was developed for busy and active business people using their precious comments and opinions based on their real experiences. It is the best for people who have meetings outside more than twice a day, who go on business trips more than once a month, and who have oversea trips more than three times per year.

Robuster Series

Robuster Series are made with unique combination of 1680D polyester and tarpaulin fabrics The combination has brought toughness, functionality and polished outlook.